Building Collective Relationships – “BCR”

Managing the relationship with the Union

Duration: Two Days

The programme is aimed at management who, in the course of their duties, are likely to be in a position to deal with trade union approaches or demands for organisational rights and the accompanying implications thereof. The programme addresses the appropriate response to the typical approach from a trade union with grievances and/or a request for a meeting regarding organisational rights. It furthermore focuses on the establishment of levels of representation and on a piecemeal, practical and pragmatic basis, examines the various organisational rights and obligations as envisaged by the Labour Relations Act, as well as case law, with regard to dealing with trade unions. It also dissects the need for various relationship agreements, as well as legislation and guidelines around other items, such as agency shop and closed shop agreements etc. We also address the issues around dispute resolution at the CCMA and the relevance of Bargaining Councils and Sectoral Determinations.

  • Section 1: Introduction and Background to Collective Bargaining
  • Section 2: Recognition or Rejection?
  • Section 3: Limited rights
  • Section 4: Majority Rights and Relationship Agreements
  • Section 5: Dispute Resolution with regard to Collective Bargaining
  • Section 6: Councils and Determinations

Training Dates

Building Collective Relationships
Open Seats

Building Collective Relationships

May 22, 2024 - May 23, 2024 8:30am

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