Policies, Procedures and Contracts of Employment

Based on a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of employment relations and employment law, ILS has developed and built up a collection of practical and compliant employment relations policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and employment contracts.

We provide up to date policies and proforma to guide organisations through the legal and operational requirements of day-to-day management. Using the tried and tested benchmark policies and procedures available from ILS, will save time and minimise risk. Where relevant, documents will be customised to suit the requirements of the client.

Our policies, procedures and guidelines include, but are not limited to:

A full employment relations policy and procedure manual inclusive of:

  • Contracts of employment customised to the requirements of each industry
  • The relevant Conditions of Employment Legislation
  • Disciplinary Code, Policies, Procedures and Documents to deal with Misconduct
  • Policies, Procedures and Documents to deal with Poor Performance or Ill Health Incapacity
  • Guidelines on dealing with Absenteeism
  • Recruitment Guidelines and Documents

In addition, we can supply numerous purpose crafted Employment Relations guidelines and proformas depending on the need.