Employment Relations – Nuts & Bolts

Select contentious employment relations items

Duration: One / Two days

The programme includes a collection of sections on a range of employment relations related topics. The client can assemble their own compilation of modules from a list of topics and therefore the programme can vary in length from one to three days depending on the number of modules chosen. The modules serve as an introduction and overview of the topics chosen and the participant will have a clear understanding of the most pertinent aspects of each of the selected topics. Copies of relevant legislation and case law will be given to participants.

Section 1Dealing with absenteeism

Section 2: Dealing with alcohol-related offences

Section 3: Discrimination and harassment

Section 4: Damage to company property

Section 5: Dealing with ‘sticky’ evidence

Section 6: Misconduct outside the workplace

Section 7: Double jeopardy 

Section 8: Insubordination

Training Dates

Nuts and Bolts
Open Seats

Nuts and Bolts

May 28, 2024 8:30am - 4:00pm

Register and select the number of delegates you require to attend this training programme and we will revert with a quotation for your approval.